Midnight Digital

Midnight Digital is our digital production studio. With our crew of designers, developers and strategists, we create digital products of every kind. From ideas and concepts over wireframes and prototypes to design, development and delivery: We have mastered the entire product cycle.

Wireframes & Prototypes

Every great product starts with an idea. With wireframes and prototypes, our designers make this idea come to life for the first time.

Wireframes are for a digital product what a blueprint is for a building: They are the plan for projects delivered on time and on budget. Together with you, our user experience designers articulate the concept you have in mind into a tangible and discussible model before the first line of code is written. At this stage, changes can be made with the flick of a finger. Step by step, we sculpt the form and functionality of the later product.

The next phase is building a working prototype: A fast and flexible version to test the waters and gather early feedback. This prototype can be stitched together by combining existing products, it can be web-based when your goal is a mobile app. The idea is this: To learn. With the learnings in hand, we then iterate on the prototype to create version 1.0 – taking the guesswork out of what your users want, need and love.


Web Development

We believe in immersive web experiences: Well-structured, well-designed and always with the user in mind. Pixel-perfect. On any device.

No matter the industry, no matter the service: Every website has the same task – to captivate the attention of its viewers. We do so by combining the capabilities of the medium with the intention of the message. The process of crafting beautiful websites involves user experience and interface designers, it brings in engineers for front- and backend development and sometimes also calls for photographers and copywriters. With our crew of skilled specialists from every branch, we deliver state-of-the-art web experiences.


Mobile Development

We have a passion for apps that are as beautiful as they are useful. Whether on iOS or Android: We know what it takes to design, develop and distribute successful mobile apps.

To create a successful mobile product can be an incredibly complex challenge. We have the experience and competence to guide you through the multitude of decisions. Together we will assess the market, define the feature set and develop the look and feel, before our designers and engineers get to work to produce your app. We help you to get the app into the hands of users around the world, and remain your partners for updates and platform migration.


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