Midnight Design

Design isn’t how it looks. Design is how it works.
That’s why we take pride in the fact that with our own in-house design studio, we not only write the code, but also craft the pixels. 

User Experience Design

User Experience Design is the architecture of a digital product and can make or break it. Our designers structure your content and devise your features – for a frictionless experience.

It all starts here.

User Experience Design is where your product is born. Here, an idea is materialized for the first time: sometimes on a napkin, a whiteboard or even in a wireframing program. With tools like personas, user stories and A/B tests, our designers then iterate on the early version until you have the blueprint for a product that is not only usable, but loveable.


User Interface Design

You never get a second chance for a first impression. Our art directors polish interfaces into interactive experiences.


At Midnight, we have a passion for exceptional design. First of all, that means finding your own style. Our designers help translating the visual identity of your brand to the digital realm. Together, we pick the trends and technologies suited to your tonality and design an experience that feels unique yet familiar.

From modern flat designs to elaborate illustrations and renderings, our designers know all tricks of the trade. It’s more than pure pixels, though – realizing the full potential of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, we’ll animate our designs in a way that is conducive to the experience and entertaining to the eyes.

Corporate Design

Powerful branding starts with a distinctive brand.
We help you define the look and feel of your venture across all forms of media.


Corporate Design has less to do with business cards and stationery than with the heart and mind of your business. What are you really selling? How is it different? What type of business are you in? Together, we’ll look at the competitive landscape, define your value proposition and positioning and then translate your characteristics into a crystal clear visual identity. Complete with an expressive logo, color world and font family. And business cards.

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